Harbor Blvd and Westminster St

by jeremy on June 13, 2013

Red Light Camera at Intersection of Harbor Blvd and Westminster St in Santa Ana, CA north bound camera pictureThe city of Santa Ana contracts with the private company Redflex Traffic Systems to operate a red light camera system at the Harbor Blvd and Westminster St intersection. There are two cameras located at the intersection of Harbor Blvd and Westminster St, one monitoring westbound traffic on Westminster St., and another monitoring northbound traffic on Harbor.

Harbor Blvd and Westminster St Red Light Camera

The speed limit at this intersection is 45 mph, which means the CA Vehicle Code and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices requires that each yellow light must be at least a minimum of 4.2 seconds in duration for through traffic. The cameras at this intersection also monitor the protected left hand turns as well. On left hand turns, the minimum duration for the yellow lights is 3.0 seconds

The camera monitoring westbound traffic on Westminster St. captures approximately 30-60 incidents per month, from which an average of about 20-40 tickets are issued. The camera monitoring northbound traffic on Harbor captures approximately 80-100 incidents per month, from which an average of 40-60 tickets are issued.

Overall, the city of Santa Ana has 20 red light camera approaches at 15 different intersections within the city limits. The city issues roughly 2,200 red light camera tickets per month. At a cost around $500 per ticket, the potential revenue generated by these cameras could reach more than $13 million a year.

The city of Santa Ana originally agreed to a contract with Redflex in 2002. In 2010, the city signed a five year extension with an option for two renewals of one year each, so it is likely these cameras will remain in Santa Ana until at least 2015. The city pays $3,900 per approach, per month, for each of the 20 cameras, which equates to $936,000 a year.

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